Forthcoming things – Anzio 1944 Allied PO

Yes it can be done….

I had to rearrange a lot of things to make the scenario suitable for the PO. I don’t know yet if I will release it as a standalone scenario or as an update to the current version. One major rearrangement was to have the Allied land units to start already on the land hexes. Elmer just couldn’t handle the amphibious invasion; he always left someone behind or even embarked at sea. Given the lack of resistance to the initial invasion executing the amphibious landing was pointless anyway. The turn 1 setup is now similar to that in the 2km version, which means the 504th Para Regiment Option had to be reworked event wise. The additional TO for the 509th Para Battalion airdrop had to be done away, but i think most players didn’t use this option anyway. This freed up additional event slots that will be used for the PO selection of theater options and probably objective tracks, the latter having less priority than the former. The Allied air formations (MATBF, MASAF and US XII ASC) have been set up like in the 2km version, too: each TO will bring up a new formation from the TOAW OOB.

Unfortunately there are not enough free event slots to set up a German PO. Not before Ralph increases the event slots. The Allied situation might also be more suited to the TOAW AI than the difficult task the Germans face.

Here is a preview how the turn 1 setup now looks like:

Once I have completed the necessary changes I will make a call for playtesters – stay tuned.


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