Forthcoming things – Exporter

Operation Exporter

The British invasion of Vichy French Syria in 1941. 2.5 km/hex. One-day turns, company/battalion scale.

“One of the curiosities of World War Two is that the bloodiest campaign fought by the British in the five months between the fall of Crete in May 1941 and the launch of ‘Crusader’ in November of that year was fought against neither Germany nor Japan: it was the unexpectedly difficult and prolonged conquest of French Syria in June-July 1941.

In May of 1941, Vichy France succumbed to German pressure to provide arms and transit facilities to support a pro-Axis uprising in Iraq. Although the uprising failed, the British decided that continued French control of Syria posed an intolerable threat to their position in the Middle East. Some token resistance was anticipated, but it was hoped that the garrison would submit in short order and the troops flock to the banner of Free France.

Vichy failed to cooperate…”

The scenario has been originally designed by Colin Wright. To quote him “the scenario needed a new home..” and so i “inherited” it from him. It is very well researched, detailed and basically playable but will need additional work on the map and extensive playtesting. Volunteers step forward 😉


4 thoughts on “Forthcoming things – Exporter

  1. If you’re still looking for playtesters, I’ll give this a try. (yes, yes, I know — those sea hexes are STILL IN THE MED !) Let me know if there’s any specific areas I need to look for – I’ll plan on some PO PO, and PO vs me games at first.

    • The first comment on this blog!! First, my apologies for being so obsessed with the med.. 🙂 . Seriously. You have Mail.
      I might add that this scenario uses a yet unique approach on motorized transport. I think it once had been discussed in one of the TOAW forums but i have never seen it implemented in a scenario.

    • You’re in. Check your mail. A PBEM would be preferred.. any side.

      It was you and people requesting a comment function – google sites doesn’t have this, so i switched as i thought it’s good idea. Most files are still hosted on the old google site and linked from here as wordpress doesn’t support .zip., but i won’t update the old site anymore.

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