Anzio 1944 Allied PO

Scenario version 1.0

This version of ‘Anzio 1944’ has been edited to be played as the Germans vs the Allied PO. It is based on the 2.36 version of the original design and incooperates various enhancements and adjustments to be suited for the PO. Players who are familiar with the human vs human version of the scenario can start right away by reading the ‘What has changed?’ document that is included in the download. Download (external link)

For those that don’t know, there has been a lively discussion in the scenario’s beta testing thread at the Matrix Games forum:

Historical Background

At the end of January 1944 US VI Corps executed an amphibious assault behind German lines at the city of Anzio, just 50 km south of Rome, in an attempt to break the stalemate at the Gustav Line. To achieve this VI Corps was to advance onto the Alban Hills, a key feature dominating the southeastern approaches to the eternal city, thus cutting off German 10th Army’s lines of communication and forcing a retreat from the Gustav line. Despite total tactical surprise a combination of over-cautiousness, hesitation and willingly ambiguous orders failed to exploit the situation. The Germans reacted swiftly and brought in substantial forces to not only contain the beachhead, but also to release a determined counterattack. After the climax of the battles by mid February the beachhead front line came to a stalemate with neither side having achieved its operational objectives.
The scenario covers the initial landings and the opening phase of “Shingle” (the codename for the operation) until mid-February with the possibility of an earlier end. It also incooperates some small what-ifs. More historical background and scenario information can be found in the extended briefing document.

Date: January 22nd, 1944
Location: Anzio/Nettuno, southeast of Rome
Map scale: 1km per hex*
Turn length: 6 hours
Unit/Formation scale: Company/Battalion
Length: 30 – 120 turns

*The scenario uses a special equipment file with adjusted artillery ranges for a 1 km per hex scale. To further adjust to the scale the following editor parameters have been set:

Attrition Divider: 20
Readiness Cost for Movement: 40
Supply Cost for Movement: 40
Combat Density Penalty: 200
Engineering Build Rate: 150
Allied Movement Bias: 235
German Movement Bias: 230
Entrenchment Rate: 70 (due to ground conditions)

Playtesters (for the PO version): Ogar, Cfant, Colin Wright

Thanks to J.M.Serrano & Bob Cross for helping with some US TO&Es, thanks to Derek Weichs for his WWII equipment database.

Allied beachhead on turn 1:


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