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Over the past few days i’ve been updating the scenario to TOAW 3.5. Initially i didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it, but in the end i got “carried away”.. the result is a vastly improved version, though i must admit that the German PO is still weak. As 3.5 allows a scenario to be saved as a 3.4 file i think i will make the new version available for download here – as a Beta and certainly without the 3.5 related improvements. Here’s a list of the major changes – note that i left out improvements that are directly related to new features in 3.5 (the NDA..):

  • Various changes in Allied objective tracks.
  • Map revision: Added more rivers, lateral road south of the Moletta creek as in the 1km version, lateral road Cisterna – Osteriaccia as in the 1km version. Added more placenames.
  • 36th Combat Eng Regt is now a foot movement unit. This unit is used – as historically – by the Allied PO at the Moletta and along the coastal road. Giving them foot movement should help the PO with the difficult terrain.
  • The Allied PO is now more aggressive during the initial storm period.
  • Deleted the German divisional supply units. These were too many. Now the Germans have 3 supply units (one for 14. Armee and one for each Korps).
  • The PO, either side, will have static supply units now.
  • All units have now veteran status. Variations in final proficiencies after ‘seeing the elephant’ were too wild.
  • Deleted unit withdrawal messages in the news report (too much intel).
  • Changed various unit proficiencies.
  • New scenario specific graphics (tiles_marsh used for irrgations and a new MapOptional .bmp file).
  • Corrected a buggy event controlling the Allied PO’s objective tracks.

More to come soon. Next on the list is the German PO. I will try to make it a more challenging opponent, but given the difficult task i can’t promise much.

Finally.. the teaser: Turn 11 – VI Corps’ left flank:



8 thoughts on “Anzio @2km News

  1. Sounds good – especially the reduction/static-ification of the PO supply units. (I still have nightmares about those trucking companies set on IL bouncing Shermans back into the sea.)

    But – I could not find a link to download this. I did find the link for the 1KM PO version – and thanks for that. Let me know where to look for the d/l.


    • There is no download yet. I first want to see if i can do something to improve the German PO performance.

      That “something” probably will be setting up more objective tracks for the German PO. But don’t expect miracles – the German task – delay and defend, possibly going over to a general counterattack – is not exactly Elmer’s strength to put it mildly..

      The free supply units indeed were a nightmare with Elmer. He often placed them in the frontline (!) where they just added to combat density penalties.

  2. Thanks.

    Now – I’m confused and I can see I wrote a confused opening comment…
    1) I _did_ find and d/l Anzio 2KM (up to turn 11 right now, not as fast as your jpg but close).

    What I was looking for as d/l was Anzio 1KM Allied PO (updated); I did find a newer version over at Rugged Defense (thank you !) but did not see that one here. Of course, I look today, and there it is, just in the thread below this one.

    2) A question on Anzio 2KM — that bridge in hex 6,18 (it’s shown as blown in your jpg). Elmer blew it in my game as well. I went to move Engineers in to repair — cannot get to that hex (I suspect badlands terrain). I tried the BR bidge engineers then engineers; tried US engineers; no go – only the commandos could get in there, but they could not repair the bridge and they’re gone. (I suspect the US paras or Rangers can move in there, but as to repair ?).
    So — does that bridge remain destroyed for the whole rest of the game ?

    3) I like the EEV timer — I’m sure it will be very annoying in a few turns, but it does keep the pressure on the Allied player.

    4) Yeah, Elmer and those Nachshub/Quartermaster units — good thing, they’re only trucks – NOT !
    Somehow, when Elmer used them, they pushed my defending units around like the units were made of paper. Elmer still likes to punch away with the HQs, but they’re not as devastating as the old supply units.

  3. Yes, the bridges in this area are a problem with Elmer. It’s indeed badland terrain that can be entered only by foot movement units. In the 3.5 version the 36th Combat Enbineers will be foot movement units. With Elmer’s flank security in mind i possibly will make the 540th Combat Engineers foot movement units, too. I know, this doesn’t help you as you’re playing with version 1.1. The 504th Para Regt HQ should have some engineers assigned in your version, maybe it can enter the hex. Otherwise i fear the bridge remains destroyed for the rest of the game.

    I don’t want to do away with the badland terrain in the Ardea region as i really don’t want to have armor rolling down across these gullies. I could make the rivers ‘wadi’ terrain in those cases where there is no bridge. Will have to take a closer look at the map material i’ve got.

    In a human vs human game i recommend to play with the honour rule to not destroy bridges when the road runs parallel to a river.

    “What I was looking for as d/l was Anzio 1KM Allied PO (updated); I did find a newer version over at Rugged Defense (thank you !) but did not see that one here. Of course, I look today, and there it is, just in the thread below this one.”

    I restructered the site recently. You probably didn’t notice it, but i converted all ‘pages’ to ‘posts’. Previously all menu items have been ‘pages’, now they are ‘posts’ which displays them in chronological order if you click the menu header (i.e. ‘Graphic Mods’). With the old ‘pages’ setup clicking the menu header displayed an empty page which i found a bit irritating.

  4. Thanks for the clarifications – I’ll see if the 504th HQ can slip out of Ost. and do a quick repair, maybe with some Engineers ?
    I do find playing this game “a blast !” to use archaic language — so I’ll continue with this version, bridge or no bridge, until Elmer throws me into the sea, or I drive the EEV into negative numbers for totals.

    “Posts” for “pages” but “pages” were actually “posts” — between that and expecting me to read the content with comprehension, you’re setting a high standard on your readers; some of us won’t hardly make that climb.

    • “Thanks for the clarifications – I’ll see if the 504th HQ can slip out of Ost. and do a quick repair, maybe with some Engineers ?”

      The HQ has 9 engineer squads authorized (C Co./307th Abn Eng). It might take several attempts though.

      Have fun!

      • Yes – it’s the 504th HQ that does it. They are foot movement, and the engineers are enough (I had 8/9 eng squads, so the bridge was built first try.) All the other engineers I looked at were mixed movement, and would not even enter the hex.

        BTW, who taught Elmer that trick of sending all the aircraft up on Interdiction ? I started turn 13 and found the PO had Interdiction level of 18% (I had 4 : 3 Air Superiority.).

  5. That’s indeed a good thing. I mean, for Elmer.. It’s been the same in my test runs, but Elmer had air superiority clearly in his favour. He uses one of his air support options on that turn if there is no stormy weather. Actually this violates the house rule that no bomber units should be set to interdiction, but during my tests it felt about right. I, playing as the Germans, simply didn’t move except for the most important/necessary moves.

    Note that i have set up “off map” airfield distances and aircraft ranges so that the two airforces can’t reach each other’s bases. Only then Elmer began to use interdiction (instead of airfield attacks).

    May i ask how far Elmer has come and if you have stopped him ‘cold’? He will unleash CCA/1st Armor in the coming turns, do you think you can hold?

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