Anzio 1944 @2 km – Version 2 (Beta)

After some more editing and bugfixing – thanks to Ogar btw – the preliminary version 2 of the scenario is now available. Note that this is still an export from 3.5 Beta; thus i can’t 100% guarantee that there is not a quirk in any fashion though i didn’t yet encounter one in my test runs. The scenario can be played as either side versus the PO, but as usual human vs human will provide a better challenge and more fun.

You can install this version parallel to any previous version (1.0 or 1.1) as the ‘technical’ name of the scenario and all related files is Anzio 1944 @2 km v.2.0. TOAW will display both versions without the version number appendix if you install into the same folder.

Players who are familiar with the scenario will notice that i changed the setup of the Allied cruisers more towards TOAW standard. The cruisers are now modeled as two pieces of equipment, one for each gun (primary and secondary battery). This means that they are now a little bit more vulnerable to German air raids than with the old setting.

Download the scenario here:

Changes from version 1.1 (still available here at the TOAW beachhed or at Rugged Defense/The Strategist):

  • Reworked the Naval System
  • Reworked the Briefing
  • Reworked MapOptional2.bmp
  • Slightly changed Br 1st Div’s, US 3rd Div’s and 45th Div’s objective tracks. They have been put slightly apart to remedy ‘choke point issues’ with Elmer at Osteriacchia and Cisterna.
  • Added alternative graphics for tiles_marsh that represent irrigation canals.
  • Map revision: Added more rivers that were present in the 1km version. Lateral road south of Moletta creek, lateral road Cisterna – Osteriaccia. Placenames: Corrected misspellings, added river names and some mountains, changed some placename styles.
  • Set 36th Combat Engineer Regiment to ‘screen’ orders.
  • Made 36th and 540th Combat Engineer Regiments foot movement units. This should help with the difficult terrain at the Moletta and thus add to coastal road security for the Allied PO.
  • Deleted Event 368. The Allied PO will now be more aggressive during the initial storm period.
  • Deleted the German divisional supply units. These were too many. Now the Germans have 3 supply units (one for 14. Armee and one for each Korps).
  • The PO will have static supply units now.
  • Corrected a buggy event controlling the Allied PO objective tracks.
  • Changed 540th Combat Engineer Regiment’s objective track. The formation should now guard the Aprilia sector.
  • All units have now veteran status. Variations in final proficiencies were too wild.
  • Deleted the unit withdrawal messages in the news report (too much intel).
  • Changed various unit proficiencies.
  • Removed German supply point at (14/2) – it was not necessary.
  • Checked the torpedo flag for the SM 79 III (under 3.4 i had this flag unchecked).
  • Reduced Luftwaffe unit proficiencies from 75 to 70.
  • Reduced German aircraft replacements.
  • Added a new house rule: German naval bombers may not attack land targets in any fashion.
  • Recoloured German naval bombers’ and Balkan air unit icons and cooperation levels to minimize effects of the PO’s unrealistic use of these units as combat support or interdiction.
  • The Balkan naval air TO now costs 10 VPs instead of 5.
  • Corrected a bug with the Balkan naval air TO.
  • Reduced the range of the German 21cm railroad gun as it could reach Allied airfields.

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