Classic Redux Addendum

This is not a standalone Graphic Mod, it’s just an update – or better a mixture of updated, improved, corrected and alternate files – for the Classic Redux Mod.

Note that the download doens’t always contain a huge or small view version of a specific graphic file. You will need a s_ or H_ version of the according terrain tile in AltGraphics for the best results. Some files are only present in the huge version (H_tiles..), for them you certainly need according normal and small versions.

Get it here:

The addendum contains a corrected version of tiles_misc.png as the original file didn’t display frozen shallow water. Now there is also an alternate version of open terrain in the zip file’s subfolder ‘Tiles Misc Alt’:

In the above screenshot you can also see an updated version of marsh terrain and a slightly modified version of urban terrain. More of this here…:

And the urban tiles:

Another version of urban terrain is visible below (in the .zip file’s folder ‘Urban Version 2′). Also movement arrows and updated supply markers:

Supply markers in huge view and a clearer version of hills (only in huge view):

Last but not least: A much improved version of canal and major canal terrain tiles. First in normal view:

And in zoomed in huge view. The download also contains new versions of river and major river in huge view (only) which are more in accordance with the normal view versions:


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