News from the front – struggling with the Ev(il) Ed

A short update.. i am currently working on updating ‘Anzio 1944’ to TOAW 3.5 which eats up most of my time, so i really haven’t had time for other design projects, especially Exporter.  For 3.5 – with the increased event slots – i will merge the PO version with the PBEM version into one scenario which means i’ll have to re-write the entire event sequence from scratch. The original scenario’s event sequence has become quite a mess due to numerous edits and bug fixes. To retain clarity and for overview purposes i now use an excel sheet. It might not be the best tool, especially as portation to the editor has to be done manually, but it works. I can group event sequences with filters, use colour codes and other kinds of visualizations to mark important events that trigger others, add comments etc.:

Having a clearly structured sheet/overview for the entire event structure will make future edits, additions and debugging a lot more comfortable. Not only that – it might also help players who may want to modify the scenario to their gusto and other designers to see ‘how the others do’. The sheet will certainly ship with the scenario.

As always when it comes to the Event Editor i’ve ran into the usual problems. It took an entire evening and numerous runs with test scenarios to figure out how to prevent the PO from using one of the Air Support Options during a storm turn. I know, i have done this before for the 2km version and for the 1km PO version, but that was not as sophisticated. I wanted the Allied PO to select an air option on a certain turn, but it should only trigger on the next non-storm day. Had i known – or remembered(?) – that events with the ‘Event Cancelled’ trigger do not ‘recycle’ themselves like the ‘Event Activated’ trigger does, i could have saved quite some time and headache.. For anyone who wants to dig into this, see the following chart.


One might think that the simple sequence:

#595 EvCancelled 78, Enable 597
#596 EvAct 78, Cancel 597
#597 Turn 28, PO 1 activate

would suffice. But, as written further above, this isn’t. With this configuration event 596 would only fire if there is no second storm day following a first one.

Event 78 triggers the stormy weather and related effects (air shock among others) with a 40% probability every fourth turn. Should the event fire, the ‘PO 1 Activate’ event will be cancelled. Events 595 and 596 will have to be re-enabled every fourth turn. This is done by event 75 (via events 598 and 599) which also is ‘responsible’ for the weather loop. Finally, when the PO has activated the theater option, the mini-loop will be ‘killed’ by events 600 and 601 to prevent further triggering of the TO on later non-storm days.

Note the delay of 1 with event 595. This has been necessary to ensure that event 481 is triggered on the correct turn if its activation is delayed by one or more storm turns. Without the delay it would trigger one turn too early.


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