Nijmegen 1944

Version 1.2 (02.11.2013)

The scenario is a tribute to the first computer wargame i played, CCS’ Arnhem for Amstrad CPC and my first TOAW PbEM which was Erik Nygaard’s ‘A bridge too far 1944’. It is strictly historical, without the small ‘what-if’ options you may know from my other scenarios. I always found the battle for Nijmegen to be one of the most decisive parts of Market Garden. If the Allies had taken Nijmegen bridge earlier or just would have pushed on after the bridge fell instead to pause, the entire operation most probably could have been successful. Harmel, commander of 10.SS Panzer-Division, wondered, even after the war, why the tanks that had rushed the Nijmegen bridge with such elan had not continued further: ‘At this instant there were no German armoured forces available to block Elst’. In fact, the British pause allowed the Germans to organise their defence on the Betuwe and to deny XXX Corps the route to Arnhem.

The scenario has been designed for and under TOAW 3.4 and can be played with the new supply and the new turn order rules. Download (external link – dropbox)

PBEM and Human vs PO play (both sides PO enabled)

Date: Sept 17th, 1944
Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Map Scale: 1km/hex
Turn Scale: 6 hour turns
Unit Scale: Company/Battalion
Length: 14 turns

Due to the uncommon scale the following editor parameters have been set:

Supply & Readiness Cost for Movement: 40
Combat Density Penalty: 200
Movement Bias: 250 (both sides)
Entrenchment Rate: 33

Attrition Divider: 20

The scenario uses a modified version of Brian Wilson’s WWII equipment database with adjusted artillery ranges to fit the 1km scale. The scenario also uses a modified GameText.xml that displays marsh as polder. Make sure that you put the file “Nijmegen1944GameText.xml” into the same folder as the scenario file. Note that the special GameText file is in English and overwrites other language settings when you open the scenario. To play the scenario in an other language than English rename or remove “Nijmegen 1944GameText.xml” from the scenario folder before opening the scenario.

Version Changes

Version 1.2

  • Fixed a bug that withdrew the wrong RAF unit on turn 6
  • Lowered KG Henke’s 1st and 2nd battalions’ formation proficiencies
  • All units have now veteran status. Note that this is only pro forma as final unit proficiency variation after first combat has proved to be too „wild“.
  • Updated the Briefing. Special thanks to ‘General Staff’ for proof-reading.

Version 1.1

  • Changed the escarpments for Nijmegen bridge
  • Reworked AT values for German Squads and RPzB 8.8cm
  • Slight change in US Airborne TO&Es: Replaced the M1919 MMG in airborne and glider infantry companies with M1919 LMG teams
  • Reduced German garrisons’ formation proficiencies from 60 to 40
  • Briefing: Expanded chapter 5.0 Scenario Design Notes and added an OOB chart as chapter 6.0

Map and turn 1 setup:


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