Anzio 1944 @2km

A battalion level sister scenario of the initial 1km version. Essentially a direct port of the original, but with Human vs PO play enabled. Download from Rugged Defense (external link)

for TOAW 3.4
Scenario Version 2.6 (May 2013)

PBEM and Human vs PO play (both sides PO enabled)

Date: January 22nd – February 18th, 1944
Location: Anzio, Italy
Map Scale: 2 km per hex
Time Scale: Half day turns
Unit Scale: Battalion
Length: 25 – 60 turns

Max. Rounds per Battle: 3
Attrition Divider: 25
Combat Density Penalty: 120
Supply Cost for Movement: 80
Readiness Cost for Movement: 80
Entrenchment Rate: 70

The scenario can be played with the new supply rules and with the new turn order rules.

Historical Background

At the end of January 1944, the US VI Corps executed an amphibious assault behind German lines at the twin cities of Anzio-Nettuno, just 50 km south of Rome, in an attempt to break the stalemate on the Gustav Line. To achieve this VI Corps was to advance to the Alban Hills, a key feature dominating the southeastern approaches to the eternal city, thus cutting off the German 10th Army’s lines of communication and forcing a retreat from the Gustav line. Despite total tactical surprise, a combination of over-cautiousness, hesitation and deliberately ambiguous orders resulted in a failure to exploit the situation. The Germans reacted swiftly and brought in substantial forces to not only contain the beachhead, but also to launch a determined counterattack. After the resulting battles had ended with those of Operation Fischfang in mid-February, the beachhead front lines had stabilized into a trench warfare ‘stalemate’ reminiscent of the Western Front in WWI with neither side having achieved their operational objectives.
This scenario is a direct port of my earlier Anzio 1944 scenario at 1km/hex and covers the initial landings and the opening phase of “Operation Shingle” (the codename for the operation) until mid-February with the possibility of an earlier end to the scenario. It also incorporates some small what-ifs. An extensive description of the battle and more historical background information can be found in the extended scenario briefing (included in the download)

Special Events and Features

Sudden Death Victory
The Allies can achieve a Sudden Death Victory by seizing certain locations in the Colli Laziali (Alban Hills) and thus triggering EEV driven probability checks or if they advance beyond the ‘Sudden Death’ line anytime during the scenario. The Germans can achieve a ‘Sudden Death’ victory by capturing Anzio. Special rules concerning the EEV can be applied in a Human vs PO game by a theater option. Please refer to the external briefing for details.

Stormy weather will lead to a temporary removal of beach supply points on turns 11 and 12. Weather in the opening phase is historical. After January 26th it is managed by a weather engine, with probabilities for storm/bad weather based upon historical weather patterns. Each day has a 40% chance for stormy weather which will affect theater recon (0), air activity (air shock 25) and naval fire support (house rule).

Loss of Allied ships
The German player will receive victory points for sinking Allied ships. The cruisers HMS Orion, HMS Spartan, HMS Penelope and USS Brooklyn are worth 5 VPs each.

Both sides regularly receive various replacement units which are automatically disbanded into the replacement pools.

Early End

Players can agree upon an earlier end of the scenario after turn 25 by selecting the theater option “End game with current victory levels”.

Theater Recon
Theater Recon on PM turns and during storm/bad weather is set to 0 for both sides.

Force pestilence is 1% for both sides, beginning on turn 12.

The First Turn
The first turn allows the Allied player to select the 504th PRCT airdrop option. Therefore all units are frozen on turn 1 and will be released on turn 2, the actual invasion date.

Naval Units
Distant sea hexes represent the open sea and can be used to save ships from German air raids.

German Additional Reinforcements
If the Allies approach Rome the garrison and additional German reserves will be released. Additional reinforcements may also arrive when the Allies advance towards Littoria.

German Withdrawals
From turns 39 to 47 Kampfgruppe Ens and 71. Infanterie Division will be withdrawn.

Special forces (Rangers, FSSF etc.) and German ‘Alarm’ units (i.e. HG Alarm Bn) do not reconstitute. Units that are scheduled to withdraw anytime during the scenario don’t reconstitute.

Theater Options

Allied Theater Options

  • Drop 504th Para RCT near Aprilia: 50 VPs
  • Activate US XII ASC: first two activations without costs, thereafter 5 VPs per activation; 5 times
  • Activate MATBF: first activation without cost, thereafter 5, 10, 15, 30 VPs; 5 times
  • Activate MASAF: first activation 5, second activation 15, third activation 30 VPs; 3 times

German Theater Options

  • Release Kampfgruppe von Behr: 15 VPs. The option is available from turns 3 – 5.
  • Release later arriving elements of 4.FJ Div (only when Allies use 504th PRCT on turn 1) – 1 VP per TO each two rounds, but units may need to build up strength first.
  • Prepare for and launch major counteroffensive (2 times, no VP costs)
  • Keep Gren.Rgt 194 until the arrival of 114.Jaeger Regt: 15 VPs
  • Keep KG Ens until the arrival of 29. PzGren Div: 25 VPs
  • Luftwaffe reinforcements. There are a variety of TOs to release additional air reinforcements. Part of these options only becomes available when the Allied player uses one or more of his air options.

House Rules

1.) The Allied Navy must be moved into distant sea hexes (10,31 and surrounding hexes) on storm turns.

2.) The Allies are not allowed to enter or attack into the bypass roads from the Pontine Marshes towards Valmontone (these are marked with a ‘STOP’ sign).

3.) No units of MATBF and MASAF, except the fighters assigned to MASAF (1st and 325th Fighter Groups), may be placed on combat support or interdiction missions. They can be used in direct air strikes only, including those in support of ground attacks.

4.) The southeastern map edge must be guarded by both sides. That is the area east of the Mussolini Canal and south of the Monti Lepini. Each side must maintain a garrison of at least three first-line units. For the Allies one of these units must be battalion sized, the other two can be companies from sub-divided battalions, whilst the Germans are allowed to use companies from sub-divided battalions to meet their entire garrison quota. This also applies when the front reaches the road exits or the Germans retreat into the road exits. Then each road exit must be garrisoned by the Germans with the aforementioned force requirements. The Allies must maintain their garrison, whether in front of the road hexes, on the canal bridges, or in the area between these. First-line units are units with mostly ‘active defender’ equipment, such as infantry, armor, engineer units etc.

5.) German railroad guns may be used only in direct bombardment, either in support of a ground attack or by themselves. The German player is not allowed to set these units to a supporting deployment – they must remain in ‘Mobile’ deployment mode.

6.) German (anti-ship) guided missile bombers (unit icon type and color – black on dark blue) are not allowed to attack land targets. They may not be placed on interdiction or combat support missions.

Version Changes

Version 2.6

  • Expanded the map both east and west two hexes to reduceing interdiction levels.
  • Reworked Allied PO air support options.
  • Reworked the EEV engine and ‘Sudden Death’ probabilities. EEV locations are now marked with red stars (optional map bitmap).
  • Dropped the Valmonte EEV trigger area for the PO
  • Added ‘Sudden Death Line’: Valmontone Gap – Campagna di Roma
  • The US Rangers can no longer be divided. They are now section sized for the TOAW engine’s mechanics, but display a battalion size symbol.
  • Fixed some event bugs and deployment errors.
  • Set Attrition Divider to 25
  • Slightly reduced Allied and German tank replacements
  • Slight reduction in infantry replacements
  • US 540th Engineer Regiment is now under garrison orders at Anzio and X-Ray beach. This unit was tasked with handling supply unloading, beach preparation and maintenance.
  • Minor changes in US unit TO&Es
  • Terrain changes in the Ardea sector based on historical aerial photography. Added more wadis and an additional road northeast of Ardea.
  • New Extended Briefing. Original briefing now created with Adobe InDesign CS5.5 and exported to PDF. The new briefing is a bit more detailed. Also new section (1.3 The Battlefield), several other sections expanded, new graphics.
  • Fixed a bug with the third activation of MATBF that caused that formation to instantly withdraw (delay was missing with the withdrawal event).
  • In this context rearranged Allied airforce colors. MATBF third activation caused withdrawal of US Navy due to similar unit counter colors.

Version 2.0

  • Reworked the Naval System.
  • Reworked the Briefing.
  • Reworked MapOptional2.bmp.
  • Slightly changed Br 1st, US 3rd and US 45th Infantry Divisions’ objective tracks. They havebeen put slightly apart to remedy ‘choke point issues’ with Elmer at Osteriacchia and Cisterna.
  • Added alternative graphics for tiles_marsh that represent irrigation canals.
  • Map revision: Added more rivers that were present in the 1km/hex version. Lateral road south of Moletta creek, lateral road Cisterna – Osteriaccia. Placenames: corrected misspellings, added river names and some mountains, changed some place name styles.
  • Set 36th Combat Eng Regt to ‘screen’ orders.
  • Made 36th and 39th Combat Engineer Regiments foot movement units. This should help with the difficult terrain at the Moletta and thus add to coastal road security for the Allied PO.
  • Deleted Event 368. The Allied PO will now be more aggressive during the initial storm period.
  • Deleted the German divisional supply units. There were too many. Now the Germans have 3 supply units (one for 14. Armee and one for each Korps).
  • The PO will have static supply units now.
  • Corrected a buggy event controlling the Allied PO’s objective tracks.
  • Changed 540th Combat Engineer Regiment’s objective track. The formation should now guard the Aprilia sector.
  • All units now have veteran status. Variations in final proficiencies were too pronounced.
  • Deleted the unit withdrawal messages in the news report, since it would have provided too much ‘free’ intelligence (e.g. TOs used) to the other player.
  • Changed various unit proficiencies.
  • Removed German supply point at 14/2.
  • Checked the torpedo flag for the SM 79 III (again).
  • Reduced Luftwaffe unit proficiencies from 75 to 70.
  • Reduced German aircraft replacements.
  • Added a new house rule: German naval bombers may not attack land targets in any fashion.
  • Recolored German guided missile bomber and Balkan torpedo bomber unit icons and changedtheir cooperation levels to minimize effects of the PO’s unrealistic use of these units for combat support or interdiction.
  • The Balkan Air TO now costs 10 VPs instead of 5.
  • Corrected a bug with the Balkan Air TO.
  • Reduced the range of the German 21cm railroad gun as previously it could reach Allied airfields.

Version 1.1

  • Changed German Railroad Artillery Supply Distribution Efficiency to 80%.
  • Changed German Flak Supply Distribution Efficiency to 65 to reduce ground combat use to a more realistic level.
  • Naval AA gun Anti-Aircraft values have been increased by the factor 2.5. These guns are used by the Allied cruisers only.
  • He-177 and SM 79 III anti-shipping values have been reduced to 120.
  • Some German Infantry units use ‘fixed’ trucks now. This allows for a motorized movement rate on the first turn the unit moves. On the following turn these units switch to foot movement. Affected units are: II/Brandenburg Regt 3 and 1.FJ Div’s Kampfgruppe Schulz. The PO will use normal motorized units however (duplicates in the OOB).
  • Made use of the new placename fonts.
Game verus the Allied PO - ELmer has pushed out of his beachhead, but now his troops appear to be exhausted..

Game verus the Allied PO – Elmer has pushed out of his beachhead, but now his troops appear to be exhausted..



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