Classic Redux II

This is not only an update to the Classic Redux I graphic mod, but also an extension as the mod contains several GUI styles and a complete unit counter set. However, i have split the download in three parts – terrain, GUI and counters – so that everyone can pick their likes. The look of the terrain tiles is only partially similar to the Classic Redux I mod as some graphics have changed completely ( especially urban and rivers) while others have only been slightly modified (i.e. open and desert terrain) and some stayed the same (hills, marsh i.e.). But see for yourself (thumbnails can be clicked for detailed view):

Unit Counters: All color combinations in one picture:


And the GUI:

There is not only one, but 10 GUI Mods! Note that the GUI mods are themed, i.e. the Mod ‘Eastern Rust’ has a World War II Soviet theme while the Modern Olive style is a Cold War/Post Cold War general theme. Also note that the download contains an Opart 3 fonts .ini file with the settings and fonts that have been used for the screenshots. Please also read the ‘readme’ text file that is contained in the download.

Download links (dropbox):


Unit Counters: