Telu 3.4 Graphic Mod II

This mod is, as my earlier Mod, based on the original TOAW 3.4 .png graphics by Damezzi. Some files are the same as in my previous mod, some have been notably changed. Not all terrain tiles have been changed – in the screenshots below the following terrain tiles from the TOAW 3.4 original .png graphics have been kept and are thus not included in the download: hills, mountains, impassable, roads, damaged railroad, badlands, light woods (m_forest), urban ruins, minor and major escarpments.

Download is splitted in 2 parts due to file size limitation (external link):

Normal and small tiles
Huge tiles


2 thoughts on “Telu 3.4 Graphic Mod II

  1. I downloaded it to graphics folder and i don’t see any fortification/entrechment gaphics at all. I have all files ovewritten and I have last patch installed.

  2. Have you extracted to Graphics or to AltGraphics? you shouldn’t extract the files to the Graphics directory as you would then overwrite the original graphic files.
    Entrenchment graphics are in tiles_misc.png and fortification graphics are in tiles_fortifiedline.png. Both graphic files should be in the download. Maybe check if you got them in AltGraphics or Graphics. If they’re there it might be an issue with your TOAW installation.

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